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6th November 2011

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OrangeLemonart Fics

Figured I might as well have a place to store ‘em. They’re all kind of in order from oldest to latest. Some are missing. For now.

Ghostly Shenanigans (In which Dave is a ghost and has ghost sex with John) 

John/All The Dudes. All Of Them. (In which John is addicted to troll-jizz. Literally.) 

The Golden Rule  (In which John and Dave have a threesome with Karkata (fem!Karkat, obviously) that turns into a twosome) 

Hate Is An Accurate Word ( In which John and Karkat are not kismesis, but not in love, just want to fight each other down to their cores. ~*~THIS IS MY FAVORITE~*~.)

Suggestion Sex (in which compelling voices make kids and trolls do dirty things. Written entirely based on the suggestions from the readers on the thread.) 

All The Everyone. All of Them. (In which EVERYONE BANGS AND I’M NOT EVEN SORRY) 

Your Fun (In which Karkat is an Angel and John is a demon ON-GOING) 

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (In which Dave and John do stuff at Bible Camp ON-GOING) 

Breath and Blood (In which John and Karkat have hatesex related to their titles. UNFINISHED)

Strife (In which John and Karkat have to kill each other and everything is sad. MAY OR MAY NOT BE ON-GOING)

Feudalstuck (Crossover which Jade, Karkat, and Kanaya get thrown into the Inuyasha Universe. Gonna have KarkatxInuyasha blackrom. ON-GOING)

I have more unfinished and long-abandoned that I may or may not post here. Depends if I have ever get back to them haha. 

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